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What are the advantages of industrial large fans over small fans
2022-07-21 Industry News Visits:1192

An ordinary workshop needs too many small fans for dense coverage. You can imagine how much environmental noise is when it is turned on at the same time. The power of a small fan is about 350W, and the energy consumption is a very prominent problem.

Many workshops and warehouses use traditional small-scale high-speed fans, usually wall fans, floor fans, etc.

In addition to the health problems such as fan disease caused by long-term direct blowing of this small fan on the human body, the biggest problem encountered in the warehouse of the manufacturing workshop is that the on-site operators are also moving at any time.

Due to the small coverage area of the small fan, it can only cover 20% - 30% of the site area. In fact, it can not fundamentally solve the problem of ventilation and cooling of personnel in the logistics industry.

For example, in a 9000 square meter plant, about 300 small fans are needed to achieve full coverage, while only 6 large fans of Leroy series are needed. Based on the use of 4 years, 8 months a year, and 10 hours a day, the total operation time is about 10000 hours, saving 92% energy.

The large air volume and coverage area will bring comfortable natural breeze and improve the working environment. It will not only directly cool the human body, but also bring the whole field ventilation and excellent dehumidification effect.