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Zhongshan Chunkai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was awarded the seventh batch of Guangdong famous brands!
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Guangdong's well-known brand group standard evaluation work was launched in April 2021.From October to December 2023, the Guangdong Famous Brand Evaluation Professional Committee of the Guangdong Enterprise Brand Building Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong Famous Brand Evaluation Committee) held on-site and group review work meetings to conduct multiple rounds of evaluations on the applied brands. After completing the enterprise After a comprehensive evaluation process such as application, qualification review, application material verification, on-site spot inspection, industry popularity survey, public inquiry, and expert review, in accordance with the general group standards for Guangdong Famous Brand Evaluation, the Guangdong Famous Brand Evaluation Committee finally determined the seventh batch of Guangdong Famous Brands Evaluation list, among which Chunkai and 63 other applied brands were rated as "Guangdong Famous Brands".

CHUN: spring, spring, the first season of the year, the season when all things grow, also refers to vitality and vitality.

KAI: The word Kai mainly means gentleness, kindness, joy, etc. It means the music played by the army after winning the battle.

Chunkai LOGO: green, composed of three wind leaves, representing the vigorous vitality of the enterprise.

Every boss has a brand dream. Mr. Mai Yong, chairman of Chunkai Electrical Appliances, has been committed to building domestic brands and creating a green and environmentally 

friendly production base for smart small household appliances.

"Guangdong Famous Brand" is the business card of Guangdong's economy. It is an excellent Guangdong brand with extremely high brand awareness, reputation, association, loyalty 

and brand equity value. Guangdong Famous Brand Evaluation is a comprehensive brand evaluation for Guangdong brands striving to achieve international leadership, consumer trust, 

and distinctive culture. It is a vane for the development of Guangdong's brand economy.